27 Best Five Senses Gifts for 2024 (2024)

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Wouldn't you love to give your loved ones five senses gifts to appeal to all of their senses at once? According to Science Direct, “Sensory information is processed according to perceptual attributes that can be strictly unimodal (e.g., color) or result from the combination of two or more sensory modalities (e.g., perception of object shape often combines visual and tactile information).”

That means that, often, we perceive through more than one sense at a time — like smelling the bacon before you taste it, or how you turn down the car radio for better night-driving vision.

A five senses gift is all about showing your loved ones how much you think about them — their desires, their needs, their preferences. Choose a little something to appeal to each of their five senses and put it together for a juicier gift than the typical bouquet or chocolates.

They don't have to just beromantic gifts, they can be for any person or event you want to celebrate. So, what do you put in a five senses gift? Here are 27 examples to help you astound and pamper your loved ones.

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Best Five Senses Gifts for Touch

1. Pottery Classes

They'll feel the clay beneath their fingertips as they sculpt in pottery classes! Local events might include pottery classes in Houston, pottery classes in Los Angeles or pottery classes in Minneapolis. Browse pottery classes near you and get your hands dirty with this perfect five senses gift for touch!

2. Dance Classes

What are the five senses for Valentine's Day? Touch must be the first one on the list. Enjoy holding your dance partner — or let them enjoy holding you — when you give them the gift of dance classes!

Look for local events, likedance classes in Orlando,dance classes in Denver,dance classes in Seattle,dance classes near youor evenonline dance classes.

3. Paint and Sip

Anything to do with your hands can be a touch-related gift. If your loved one enjoys art, your gifts could include paint and sip in NYC, paint and sip in Colorado Springs, or paint and sip in Los Angeles.

Find paint and sip near you and use different modes of touch, from light, feathery brushstrokes to smearing paint with a wet sponge, to get your sense of touch tingling.

If painting isn't your thing, how about woodworking classes, glass blowing classes or sewing classes for hands-on, creative experiences?

4. Palm Reading

Some easy activities you could purchase for your loved one for five senses gifts of touch include a gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure and massages. Or, maybe a palm reading is more up your spiritually-minded loved one's alley.

5. Massage Oils or Soft Fabrics

Start with some massage oils and cashmere scarves or a silky robe. If your loved one is more practical, perhaps an energizing body wash, neck massage pillow or back massager.

Get to know your person more intimately. What kinds of fabrics and sensations do they enjoy? A soft stuffed toy or an anxiety-reducing weighted blanket make delightful five senses gift ideas for him or her for touch.

27 Best Five Senses Gifts for 2024 (5)

Best Five Senses Gifts for Taste

6. Cooking Classes

Dip your finger into the gourmet gift pot by sending your loved one to a local cooking class! Some options includecooking classes in Sacramento,cooking classes in Bostonorcooking classes in Baltimore.

Explore cooking classes near you or even online cooking classes for a memorable and flavorful experience gift!

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7. Beverage Vessels or Tastings

What could be better than five senses gifts for taste that involve your loved ones' drinks of choice? Beer mugs, shot glasses and bottles of spirits for those over the legal drinking age.

Take it a step further by inviting them to sip and swirl when you treat your loved ones to online mixology classes or virtual wine tastings. Break the mold with these thrilling world-class tasting experiences!

8. Foodie Gift Cards or Subscriptions

Subscription services and gift cards to their favorite eateries are one of the best options for foodies. Think Starbucks gift card, Hello Fresh, Dinnerly or a meat or wine subscription service. This would be an excellent opportunity to check out gifts for co*cktail lovers. Have fun with it!

9. Snack Gift Basket With Unique Textures and Flavors

Impress your friends by doing something singular: fill gift bags with their favorite edible treats, like cookies, candy bars, collections of hot or savory sauces, and anything else that strikes their fancy.

If you'd rather select from pre-packaged gift baskets, choose from Hickory Farms gift baskets filled with all sorts of salty and sweet goodies.

27 Best Five Senses Gifts for 2024 (7)

10. Local or Homemade Goodies

Think outside of the box when it comes to locally sourced and luxury items. You could always buy something interesting and new at your local distillery or craft brewery, or you could purchase an artisan nut butter or gourmet olive oil for a sweet or savory stocking stuffer that makes their tastebuds sing.

Best Five Senses Gifts for Sight

11. Look for Clues in Online Puzzles

Delightful sights and enticing puzzles await your loved ones in virtual scavenger huntsorvirtual escape roomevents. These can make fantastic five senses gifts for him or for her! Help them keep their sight and cognitive functions at their highest levels. Who doesn't love a brain teaser?

12. Watch Their Favorite Shows

There are many classics to choose from, like movie or theater tickets. Something a little newfangled might include paying for their streaming service subscription of choice, such as Hulu.

Does your special someone love sports? Tickets to a sporting event might be perfect five senses gift ideas for sight for him or her. Use sites like Vivid Seats to find the best seats in your price range.

13. See Through a New Lens

Photographs, sunglasses, books and magazines, those lovely wooden signs with famous quotes engraved on them, a watch, a houseplant — each of these would make fabulous five senses gifts for sight.

If you're looking for something a little more avant-garde, perhaps a movie projector or a vintage Polaroid would fit the bill.

27 Best Five Senses Gifts for 2024 (8)

14. View Local Galleries

Check out your local art gallery. Perhaps purchase a stunning piece of jewelry. There are also less traditional and more exciting items, like color-changing fire packs!

15. Capture Special Sights

A lovely sunset cruise will certainly be a beautiful choice to enjoy with your loved ones. Other unusual ideas might include gel eye patches or paying for glasses that can shift functions for those who are visually impaired. Sentimental choices also include a scrapbook or a framed photo of you two together.

Best Five Senses Gifts for Smell

16. Assemble a Bouquet

Here's a twist on a classic scent gift — rather than buying a bouquet of flowers, learn to make one yourself! Or let your loved one learn how by inviting them to a virtual flower arranging class. Create unforgettable aromas together.

17. Scentbird Fragrance Subscription

Scentbird monthly fragrance subscription service is the perfect gift of scent. You can select from perfume or cologne or even candles and bath products.

Take the quiz to curate your personal scent profile and discover your signature scent. If you don't want to do a subscription, browse their shop for a one-time purchase.

27 Best Five Senses Gifts for 2024 (9)

18. Visit a Botanical Garden

Be sure to pursue an activity that ensures your loved one is exposed to their favorite scents. Some ideas include garden shows at historic house museums and travel tickets to visit locations where their favorite aromas are produced.

For this idea, you could also plan something like an AirBnB with a crackling wood-burning fireplace, a Christmas Tree Farm or a destination known for its spices or flowers.

19. Artisan Soaps or Bath Bombs

Find ample soaps, bath bombs and other scented items when you browse unique soap brands like Western-themed Outlaw Soaps, Inc. or go the natural route with relaxing scents from Whispering Willow Soap. You could include an aftershave or purchase an essential oil diffuser for your loved one.

A spa set is also a luxurious way to ensure your loved one feels — and smells — pampered. Traditional items like cologne or perfume are popular, especially when you select their favorite, or yours for when they miss you.

20. Plant Growing Kit

Coming back to that potted herb concept, ado-it-yourself plant growing kit and a spice set for your cooking fiend loved ones will be five senses gifts that thrill.

Best Five Senses Gifts for Sound

21. Recording Session or Music Hall Tour

What is a good "hear" gift? A fun five senses gift idea for sound for her or for him could include booking a session in a recording studio or a tour of a famous music facility, like Carnegie Hall or The Grand Ole Opry. Galentine's day ideasis a great excuse for touring some hot music spots with your gal pals!

27 Best Five Senses Gifts for 2024 (10)

22. Music Player or Sound Machine

Sound gifts can easily include headphones, earbuds, Bluetooth or waterproof speakers, audiobooks, a portable music player, or a white noise machine.A record player and accompanying records might be fungift ideas for sound for her that are a dream come true!

23. Podcast or Audiobook Subscription

A subscription to a podcast or auditory streaming service like Apple Music might be music to your loved ones' ears. Wind chimes are also thoughtful and resoundingly beautiful five senses gifts.

24. Make a Mix-Tape

Travel back to the '80s and '90s with this throw-back soundgift. Create a fun mix tape or burn a CD playlist. You could also record a personal voicemail or a song you wrote for your person in a card or stuffed animal toy, save it on a USB or upload it to a URL — such fun sound gifts!

25. Concert Tickets

Concert tickets are the clear way to go here. Alternatively, you could buy a gift card for your loved one to spend on music (Apple, a local record store, etc.)

27 Best Five Senses Gifts for 2024 (11)

Best Five Senses Gifts for All At Once

26. Handmade Gifts

What makes the best five senses gifts for him or for her,the bestValentine's Day gift ideasor just the most wonderful gifts to receive in general? Something customized or made by hand.

A hat knitted by you is something to see and touch, hear how the threads rub together, smell the wool or cotton fibers (probably shouldn't taste this one, though.) Customized pins and framed photos with friends are also marvelous gifts.

27. Datebox Club

There are plenty of five senses gifts or ideas that you could do with your loved one, so make it a joint outing! Whether you're looking for a friendly outing, Valentine's Day ideasorgifts for married couples, a five senses experience will help bring you closer together with your loved one.

Keep up the sensual spirit with a monthly Datebox that delivers everything you need to explore your senses and your relationship for a romantic date night.

As far as packaging goes, one fun way to package these gifts together is in some fun five senses gift bags. You could place them in a basket with five senses gift quotes — one for each of the senses.

Another idea would be to wrap them in wrapping paper that has to do with each of the senses (wrapping paper with ears for sound, eyes for sight, etc., if you can find it). For experience gifts, you can get more creative, like wrapping a paint and sip voucher in a painting or brush set.

We hope you've found some inspiration to shower your loved one with the sweetest gifts that speak to their senses.

For even more fun gift ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!

27 Best Five Senses Gifts for 2024 (2024)


What are the 5 senses of a gift? ›

A 5 Senses Gift is just what it sounds like- a collection of gifts, either presented in a gift basket, or wrapped individually, that focuses on each of the five senses: Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, and Sound.

What are the five senses sight gifts? ›

5 Senses Gift Ideas for Sight
  • Flowers.
  • Books.
  • Photo frame.
  • Personalised video message.
  • Digital picture frame.
  • Cinema tickets.
  • Tickets to watch a show, musical or play.
  • Personalised photo album.
Feb 1, 2024

What are 5 senses? ›

The five senses are the five main tools that humans use to perceive the world. Those senses are sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. We see with our eyes, we smell with our noses, we listen with our ears, we taste with our tongue, and we touch with our skin.

What is a 5 sense gift for sound? ›

Sound gifts can easily include headphones, earbuds, Bluetooth or waterproof speakers, audiobooks, a portable music player, or a white noise machine. A record player and accompanying records might be fun gift ideas for sound for her that are a dream come true!

Which of the 5 senses is the most important support your answer? ›

Our dominant sense is sight and hearing is our most sensitive (due to the range of 'loudness' over which hearing operates).

What is our sixth sense? ›

You've probably been taught that humans have five senses: taste, smell, vision, hearing, and touch. However, an under-appreciated "sixth sense," called proprioception, allows us to keep track of where our body parts are in space.

What are the 7th senses? ›

The senses that protect the individual from external and internal perturbations through a contact delivery of information to the brain include the five senses, the proprioception, and the seventh sense—immune input. The peripheral immune cells detect microorganisms and deliver the information to the brain.

What is a sensory gift? ›

A sensory toy is one that is specially designed to stimulate one or more of the senses. Sensory toys may be more appealing to children on the spectrum because they can help the child remain calm and provide the sensory experience they want.

What are the five senses of man? ›

There are five basic human senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. The sensing organs associated with each sense send information to the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us. However, there are in fact other human senses in addition to the basic five that you couldn't live without.

What is a good gift for sight? ›

Gift Ideas for Sight
  • Sunglasses.
  • Movie tickets.
  • Projector screen.
  • Camera.
  • Sunset cruise.
  • Tickets to a play or musical.
  • Painting classes.
  • Books.
Nov 2, 2023

Which 5 senses is the most important? ›

Humans have five senses: the eyes to see, the tongue to taste, the nose to smell, the ears to hear, and the skin to touch. By far the most important organs of sense are our eyes. We perceive up to 80% of all impressions by means of our sight.

Which human sense is the strongest? ›

The brain seems to have a vision focus. The primary brain area for processing visual stimuli, the visual cortex, takes up the largest area of any individual sense. Partly because of this vast processing resource, vision is the most acute sense we have for various kinds of discrimination.

How do you play musical gifts? ›

Participants will sit in chairs in a circle and then pass gifts around while holiday music plays. Someone who is not looking at the group will stop the music. When the music pauses the gift each person is holding they get to keep. Consider having the gifts unwrapped so people see what others get.

What is the smell equivalent of auditory? ›

For the sensation of smell, we have the adjective "olfactory". For the sensation of taste, we have the adjective "gustatory". On another note, the adjectives, "optical" and "aural", better describe the sensations of sight and hearing, respectively.

How many senses do humans have? ›

While the notion that people have five basic human senses is often considered a universal truth and can be traced back to Aristotle's De Anima (On the Soul), many philosophers and neuroscientists are now debating whether we may have anywhere from 22 to 33 different senses.

What is the 5th special sense? ›

The five special senses are: sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing.

What are the five senses and God? ›

God created us with five basic senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. He intricately designed each sense organ to transmit information to our brain. Our five senses help us understand and notice what is happening in our world.

What are the 5 general senses and the 5 special senses? ›

Broadly, sensations fall into two categories: General and special senses. General senses include touch, pain, temperature, proprioception, vibration, and pressure. Special senses include vision, hearing, taste, and smell.


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