Scott Hoying: Early Life, Career, Partner & Net Worth | TV Show Stars (2024)

Pentatonix is one of the up-and-coming band which is receiving high accolades. The band has done excellent work in the state. If readers are close to this band, then the article is a treat for them. We are talking about Scott Hoying.

Scott is a songwriter along with the pianist and the singer of the group. There is more to him than just the career, so stay with us till the very end to know all in detail.

Scott Hoying: Early Life, Career, Partner & Net Worth | TV Show Stars (1)

But first, let’s take in some quick facts as the starter

Scott Hoying: Quick Facts

Full NameScott Hoying
Date of Birth1991/09 /17
Marital StatusSingle
BirthplaceTexas, USA
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlonde
Weight76 kgs
Net Worth$8 million
Online PresenceInstagram, Twitter, Facebook


Scott Hoying was born on 17th September 1991 in Texas. The name of his parents is Connie Hoying and Rick Hoying. Other than this, the talented individual also has a sister named Lauren. Scott is very close to all of them.

Hoying holds American nationality along with white ethnicity. The zodiac sign falls under Virgo.

Age and Body Measurements| How Tall Is Scott Hoying?

Scott is 29 years old as of now. He stands at the height of 6’3” and weighs 76 kgs. The ever-charming smile, along with the cute looks, tends to hog a lot of female fans all around his profile. But there is no information about the vital body statistics.

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Scott is a genuine rockstar who has maintained a pretty decent body shape due to regular gym works. To complete the physical outlook, blonde hair, along with the blue eyes, plays the lead role.

Early Life and Education

Scott was born in a disciplined family where the father is an English instructor, along with the mother being a nurse. The disciplined home environment has undoubtedly helped him to garner a tremendous amount of success currently.

In the case of educational background though Scott studied in Martin High School. Likewise, Hoying was part of the University of California.


Scott was highly interested in the field of music from a very early age. One of the sole purposes of forming a singing squad at the school level was sure to meet the cast of Glee.

Yes, you heard us right. Scott, along with his friends Mitchell Grassi and Kristin Maldonado, started their band. The squad covered Telephone by Lady Gaga. Sadly they didnt win, but his band performed in local clubs and events.

After completing his schooling, Scott went to California University, and his life changed. Association with A Cappella group called SoCal VoCals. His leading role in the squad surely was that of baritone vocalist.

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What shot the interest to the top surely was the audition of The Sing-Off. Scott called his old teammates on, and the group started making things happen. After the fruitful association, the squad was named Pentatonix, and they won a competition resulting in $200,000 and a contract with Sony Music.

Some of the famous work of the band includes PTXMas, Waltz of Flowers, Making Christmas, Hallelujah, Good to Be Bad, Havana, Perfect, Issues, and many more.

Pentatonix is undoubtedly a band to watch out for due to the fact all of its shows are sold out. To add up the skillset of the squad, they are laced with two grammy along their way. There is more to come from the squad, and we will keep readers updated.

Partner| Who Is Scott Hoying Dating?

Scott Hoying is gay, and this no news at all. No discussion or open nature is available from him, but there is nothing new on his sexuality. When asked about his personal life, the singer remains silent at times.

Scott Hoying: Early Life, Career, Partner & Net Worth | TV Show Stars (2)

But there are rumors that the talented artist is in a relationship with another band member Mitch Grassi. Readers might be unknown, but he is also gay. Both of them are open about their sexual status. This has, however, helped other people to be honest with the sexuality issue. Not only by words, but Scott is actively involved in protecting LGBTQ rights.

Net Worth| How Much Does Scott Hoying Earns?

Singing and winning grammy is fun, and what is more revitalizing is the fact that all of this helps in making fame and fortune along the journey. As of now, Scott’s net worth stands at $8 million.

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With all the sold-out concerts and the fan following, the number shouldn’t come as a surprise. To the readers who are unaware, Scott owns two Youtube channels that ropes in a reasonable amount of net worth along the way. Whatever might be the case, the singer is doing great with his skills.

Social Media Reach

Instagram1m followers

Twitter561k followers

Facebook422k followers

Scott Hoying: Early Life, Career, Partner & Net Worth | TV Show Stars (2024)


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