Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (2024)

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (1)

Looking for sorority senior gift ideas? We have 30 ideas and some bonus ideas at the end to share with you!

Sorority graduation is a significant milestone, and it’s unique because of the bond you’ve shared throughout your years together. The history of sororities and fraternities goes back to the mid-late 19th century, when students needed places where they could talk about current events and books, debate and more. They wanted to expand their learning beyond the limits of what was being taught at their schools and find a free place for self-expression.

Of course, these groups grew beyond academic learning venues and into places of deep relationships and friendship, making the privilege of joining a sorority one that can create lifelong bonds and happy memories, as well as connections for moving beyond college life and into careers and adulthood.

From the very first sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, to the many that followed it, being in a sorority is definitely a special experience to have! The first female surgeon, the first US female treasurer, and many more trailblazing women were in sororities.

Using my knowledge of sororities and working in a sorority dorm in college, I’ve come up with a list of the gifts that would be the most fitting for sorority graduations and senior send-offs!

30 Sorority Senior Gift Ideas Every Sister Will Love

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (2)


1. Customized Jewelry with Sorority Symbols

Jewelry is one of those gifts that keeps on giving for years to come. Celebrate your sisterhood with customized jewelry featuring your sorority’s symbols or Greek letters, each girl’s initials, graduation year, or the year your sorority was founded. There are so many ways to make this gift both personal and memorable. Websites like Etsy offer a range of options from necklaces to bracelets and beyond.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (3)


2. Personalized Tote Bags

Personalizing a tote bag is a useful and stylish gift idea that people are most likely to love, especially when you personalize with sorority letters, inside jokes or other personal details like monogrammed initials. Websites like Zazzle and Etsy offer an array of personalized totes, from cosmetic bags to backpacks.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (4)


3. Sorority-themed Graduation Sash

A sorority-themed graduation sash is the perfect way for sisters to showcase their sorority pride on graduation day, in the ceremony and in photos! GreekU has a variety of custom sashes for every sorority in the Greek system.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (5)


4. Engraved Picture Frames

Sorority memories are some of the best there are, and everyone loves a good photo frame to remember the best times you shared together! A gorgeous engraved picture frame can be customized with your sorority name and graduation year at Things Remembered. Be sure to add a sorority photo before gifting the frame to make the gift that much more personal!

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (6)


5. Sorority Letter Throw Pillows

Nothing quite says welcome to adulthood like a throw pillow for the sofa or bed. Cozy and cute, these throw pillows from either Etsy or Redbubble can be customized with sorority letters and colors to bring sorority pride and good vibes to any new apartment!

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (7)


6. Collaborative Memory Book

If there is one thing your sorority sisters will want to take with them after graduation, it’s memories of their years together in college. Create a personalized memory book filled with photos and messages using Newlywords. This unique gift is a wonderful way to compile memories and well-wishes from all sorority members. Add things like messages from younger and older sisters, cherished stories, favorite recipes, inside jokes, and snapshots of life together over the years. Of the many sorority senior gift ideas out there, this one is lasting, thoughtful, and sure to bring tears (the good kind) to your sisters’ eyes!

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (8)


7. Professional Resume Writing Service

Sorority life isn’t just about parties and shared laughs. The past several years have also been devoted to education and long-term career goals. For the more practical-minded graduates, the perfect sorority graduation gift is the continued gift of support. Help your sisters prepare for the next chapter of life with a professional resume service. Services like TopResume are a great way to alleviate their post-graduation jitters and get them one step closer to that dream career.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (9)


8. Customized Water Bottles

Whether hydration is an inside joke within your sorority (we’re looking at you, rush parties) or simply a known fact of life, send your graduates off with these long-lasting, customized water bottles from Hydro Flask. It’s pretty much guaranteed that graduates will get good use out of this fun, durable gift!

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (10)


9. Sorority Crest Blankets

Greek Gear offers a fun selection of sorority senior gift ideas, but we’re particularly fond of this cozy blanket featuring your sorority’s crest. Both thoughtful and useful, this blanket is a great way to send off your sisters with an item that will travel with them throughout their next adventures!

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (11)


10. Yoga Class Passes

For the wellness-focused sister, gift a pass to local yoga or fitness classes. Websites like ClassPass offer flexible options that are curated to a specific location. If your graduate is moving out of the area, you can gift them with a class in their new locale. This is a great way to help them feel established in their new city.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (12)


11. Monogrammed Stationery Set

A classy and practical gift, monogrammed stationery is perfect for thank-you notes post-graduation and beyond. Check out websites like Papier and Etsy for elegant designs that can be customized to your sorority and your sorority sister.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (13)


12. Sorority History Book

Whether you create your own or find an option at your local Barnes & Noble, a book detailing the history of your sorority is a thoughtful keepsake. Not every bookstore has sorority-specific titles, but maybe this is your opportunity to put together a collected history that can be passed down as a sorority graduation gift for years to come.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (14)


13. Travel Voucher

For the sister bitten by the travel bug, a travel voucher is an exciting gift. Companies like Expedia offer gift cards that can be used anywhere and at any time. This is an especially great way to help your sister celebrate graduation with a fun trip before heading into that new job.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (15)


14. Cookbook for Young Professionals

A cookbook tailored for young professionals can be a lifesaver for those moving into their first apartment and heading into their first full-time job. Adult life outside of college can be a bit daunting, but the perfect cookbook filled with fun recipes makes life that much easier. Find great options like this at Amazon. You can even search for vegan, vegetarian, or instant pot specific cookbooks depending on your graduate’s diet and style.

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15. Customized Sorority Apparel

Greek Gear and GreekU offer some great custom apparel options to help generate some sorority senior gift ideas. Custom sweatshirts, T-shirts, hats, beanies, and more are all available to fit your needs (and climate). If you’re feeling creative, you can also create custom apparel with your sorority’s name and colors on websites like Custom Ink.

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16. Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame loaded with sorority memories is a modern take on photo sharing. Many frames use apps that allow you to continue to share photos to the frame even after graduation. Your sisters will love feeling connected to the sorority as they head off into the world.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (18)


17. Subscription to a Meal Kit Service

For those who don’t enjoy (or simply don’t have time) to plan meals, a meal kit subscription like HelloFresh is perfect for the busy graduate. This sorority graduation gift helps remove that extra pressure from their plate (pun intended)!

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (19)


18. Online Course Subscription

Sometimes graduation leaves us feeling excited, but a little unprepared for the working world. For those who want to level up their skills in preparation for a new career, gift an online course subscription. Courses range from personal to professional development through platforms like Udemy and MasterClass.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (20)


19. Aromatherapy Diffuser Set

Are your sisters feeling a little overwhelmed as they leave college? Promote relaxation in their new home with an aromatherapy diffuser set. You can find elegant options at The Body Shop that fit your sisters’ personality and style.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (21)


20. Personal Development Books

As we mentioned before, sorority life isn’t only fun and games. You’ve spent years devoted to building community and challenging each other to be your best selves. Continue to inspire your sisters with best-selling personal development books from Book Depository. Now that they’re graduating, they may need some non-college-related reading material for their TBR pile.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (22)


21. Customized Laptop Sleeve

Heading out into the working world doesn’t mean leaving the devices behind. Protect their tech in style with a customized laptop sleeve that can be used for both work or personal laptops. Websites like Society6 offer unique artsy designs, while websites like offer cases and sleeves that can be customized to your sorority.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (23)


22. Portable Phone Charger

A practical and useful gift, portable phone chargers are a must-have, and you can never have too many.Check out Anker for reliable options as well as great travel phone charging systems for your sister who loves to be on the go.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (24)


23. Journal with Inspirational Quotes

A little bit of inspiration goes a long way when you’re graduating from college. For the writer in your life, a journal with inspirational quotes for daily motivation makes a thoughtful sorority graduation gift. Some fun ideas can be found at Paper Source.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (25)


24. Sorority Alumni Membership

Staying connected after college is one of the perks of being part of a sorority. Keep that connection alive and well by gifting an alumni membership to the sorority post-graduation. Check your sorority’s official website for details.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (26)


25. Fitness Tracker

If college has taught us anything, it’s that sitting for long periods is not beneficial to our health. The same is true as your sorority sister takes on that 9-5 office job post-graduation. Encourage a healthy lifestyle with a fitness tracker from brands like Fitbit. These fun gifts can also be customized with different bands to fit anyone’s style.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (27)


26. Online Magazine Subscription

Is your graduation sorority sister a fan of magazines? If so, keep her updated with an online magazine subscription. Magzter offers a range of magazines and is a great way to help mitigate some of those adulting costs while helping your sister continue to enjoy her favorite reading material.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (28)


27. Personalized Sorority Campus Map

For those graduates leaving town, sometimes the most memorable gifts are the ones that remind them of their home of the past several years. These personalized sorority and campus maps from Etsy are the perfect solution. Not only will it remind them of life on campus, but it will make a beautiful piece of art to hang in their new home.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (29)


28. Personal Safety Device

Personal safety will always be an important topic, whether on a college campus, in a big city, or traveling the globe. Consider gifting a personal safety device like those from Birdie and help keep your sorority sister safe on her next adventure!

.Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (30)


29. Wireless Earbuds

For the graduate who is already well-stocked with monogrammed sorority gear, consider a practical gift like wireless earbuds. These are perfect for both work and leisure and brands like Apple offer high-quality options.

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (31)


30. Gourmet Coffee or Tea Set

For the caffeine enthusiast, a gourmet coffee or tea set is an ideal sorority senior gift idea. Find premium selections of tea at Teavana, or consider gifting your sister her favorite coffee beans using a coffee subscription like Bean Box.

Sorority Senior Gifting: FAQs & More Ideas

Meaningful Sorority Send-Off Gift Ideas on a Tight Budget:

  • DIY memory scrapbook with photos and handwritten notes.
  • Personalized playlists or mixtapes with songs that hold special memories.
  • Handwritten letters or poems expressing gratitude and well-wishes.
  • Organize a surprise farewell party with a potluck and heartfelt speeches.

Sorority Senior Week Ideas:

  • Themed dress-up days, such as a “Throwback Day” or “Sorority Spirit Day.”
  • Virtual game night or trivia with sorority-themed questions.
  • Outdoor movie night with blankets and snacks.
  • Senior photo shoot or a sorority group photoshoot at a memorable location.

Ideas for Sorority Senior Send-Off:

  • Customized jewelry with sorority symbols or Greek letters.
  • Personalized tote bags with inside jokes or monogrammed initials.
  • Collaborative memory book filled with photos, messages, and cherished memories.
  • Sorority-themed graduation sash for showcasing pride on graduation day.
  • Professional resume writing service to support career goals.

Most Unique Sorority Senior Graduation Gifts:

  • Personalized sorority campus map for a sentimental piece of art.
  • Aromatherapy diffuser set for promoting relaxation in their new home.
  • Wireless earbuds for a practical and high-quality tech accessory.
  • Gourmet coffee or tea set for the caffeine enthusiast.
  • Travel voucher for an exciting post-graduation adventure.

How to Create a Sorority Senior Gift Memory Book with Newlywords

Psst: Here’s an explainer video if you don’t want to read!

Log in: Access the Newlywords website and log in to your account.

Start Your Project: Create a collection page by selecting the type of content you want to gather from the sorority (e.g., senior gifts, yearbooks, pledge class memories, sisterhood events and more).

New Contribution Page: Utilize the new contribution page to collect content seamlessly, whether it’s messages for senior gifts, memories from the year, or documentation of sisterhood events.

Invite Sisters to Contribute: Share your collection page with sorority sisters by providing them with the URL or using the automated invite and reminder system provided by Newlywords.

Auto Invites & Reminders: Take advantage of the system’s ability to automatically send invites and reminders to contributors via email, ensuring a smooth and timely collection process.

Collect Content: Encourage sorority members to contribute by sharing their thoughts, memories, and images related to the chosen theme for the memory book.

Review and Edit Your Book: Exercise control over the look and feel of the book by editing contributions, adding backgrounds, reordering pages, and incorporating pictures. This can be done by a designated sorority officer or someone interested in earning house points.

Access Additional Features: Explore various features offered by Newlywords to enhance your book, such as colorful backgrounds, borders, word clouds created from submitted words, and the ability to have project co-organizers for editing and reviewing.

Share the Book: Choose to share the completed memory book as a PDF with the entire sisterhood or opt for Newlywords to print a physical version and ship it anywhere in the world.

Planning for Other Occasions: Consider Newlywords for creating books for personal occasions beyond sorority senior gifts, such as retirements, birthdays, or celebrations for colleagues, family, or friends.

Bulk Orders: If you’re planning a large order for 100+ books, reach out to Newlywords to learn more about bulk pricing options and what we offer for such orders.

Explore Additional Information: Explore the Newlywords website for FAQs, pricing details, and other information about our services.

Connect on Social Media: Stay connected with Newlywords through our social media platforms, such as Facebook, and subscribe to our newsletter for updates and information.

Creating a sorority senior gift memory book with Newlywords is a collaborative and customizable process, allowing you to capture and celebrate the unique experiences and bonds within your sorority!

Conclusion: Sorority senior send-off and graduation gift ideas

Celebrating sorority graduation is a special and meaningful occasion. The bonds formed during these years are cherished, and the gifts you choose for your graduating seniors can serve as lasting reminders of the shared memories and experiences. Whether it’s personalized jewelry, practical items for the next chapter, or tokens of sisterhood, each of these 30 ideas offers a unique way to honor this significant milestone. As sorority leaders, selecting the perfect gift is a heartfelt way to ensure your sorority sisters feel cherished and supported as they embark on their journey beyond college. Here’s to the next chapter and the lifelong sisterhood that transcends graduation!

Sorority Senior Gift Ideas: 30 Unique Graduation Gifts | Newlywords (2024)


Is $30 a good graduation gift? ›

You can spend whatever feels right, but generally, $30 to $50 is appropriate if you don't have a personal relationship with the graduate.

What are some graduation gift ideas? ›

Most Unique Graduation Gifts
  • Custom University Campus Illustration Wall Art. Etsy. ...
  • Uncommon Goods Collegiate Pouches. Uncommon Goods. ...
  • Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker. Amazon. ...
  • Personalized Laundry Bag. Etsy. ...
  • Fainne “The Adventure Begins” Leather Journal. Amazon. ...
  • Wonderbly Poems for You: Graduation Edition. Wonderbly.
Apr 2, 2024

What is a customary graduation gift? ›

"Traditional gift ideas include professional items such as a dignified pen or briefcase, fine notebook, business card case, or leather portfolio," says Opalko. A college graduation gift should be at the top of your budget range, since you're helping them put their best foot forward in their professional life.

What can I buy for someone who is graduating? ›

The following unique graduation gift ideas are sure to let the graduate know just how much you care.
  • Graduation Photo Posters. ...
  • Custom Throw Pillows. ...
  • Personalized Coffee Mugs. ...
  • Personalized Jewelry. ...
  • Custom Journals. ...
  • Photo Blankets. ...
  • Personal Planner. ...
  • Coffee Tumbler.
Feb 27, 2024

Is $25 enough for a graduation gift? ›

If you decide to gift cash, here are suggested amounts: Acquaintances $10 – $25. Friends $25 – $50. Close friends and family $75 – $100.

Is $500 too much for a graduation gift? ›

There is a wide range for college graduation gifts, but the typical amount given to college graduates is between $100 and $500.

What is a typical graduation gift amount? ›

Distant relatives or friends usually send around $15 - $20, while close friends and relatives more commonly send around the $20 - $50 mark. Some families and family friends may choose to spend closer to $100 - $500, depending on their finances and the needs of the graduate.

What do you get a girl graduating from college? ›

The Best College Graduation Gifts for Her, According to Recent Graduates
  • Tech gifts.
  • Home gifts.
  • Clothing and accessories gifts.
  • Keepsake gifts.
  • Books and notebook gifts.
  • Charitable gifts and gift cards.
May 16, 2023

Whats a good graduation gift for a girl? ›

This list has everything from sentimental keepsakes (think personalized plaques and jewelry) to practical finds, like a new cold brew maker, password book or caffeine eye serum. If she's headed off to college or university, we've included essentials for her dorm room, like a bedside shelf or the viral cloud slides.

Is it rude to not get a graduation gift? ›

According to McKee, receiving a graduation announcement in the mail does not mean you need to send a gift, so don't feel obligated. As a courtesy, add a line to graduation announcements forwarded to those not invited to a celebration, reminding them that no gift is necessary.

How much should I give my friend's daughter for graduation? ›

Close friend or sibling: $25-$75. Niece, Nephew, Grandkid: : $50- $100. Son or Daughter: $100- $500.

Is $1 000 a good graduation gift? ›

According to this piece, financial planners say the gift should be equal to approximately one month's rent or mortgage payment, somewhere around $1,000. The article said parents should give their children between $1,000 and $5,000 when they graduate from college.

Is it appropriate to give money as a graduation gift? ›

And as much as graduates appreciate traditional gifts, what they really appreciate is money. Extra cash helps graduates face new financial challenges with less stress, whether they're planning to earn another degree, pay back student loans, or move to a new city.

What is the best graduation message? ›

Graduation Wishes and Congratulations
  • Oh the places you will go! ...
  • Congratulations on graduating and here's to your next adventure!
  • We're over the moon for you and proud of your big achievement!
  • You're a class act!
  • Congrats and best wishes for your next chapter!
  • Best of luck on your new beginnings!

What is the average amount of money for graduation gift? ›

In 2020, according to the Nation Retail Federation, consumers spent an average of $112 on graduation gifts. The average graduation gift total sent via Memento was $81. These are general guidelines, you should also consider your personal financial situation.

Is $50 a good college graduation gift? ›

If the graduate is: A child of parents: $100-500. A child of close relatives (for instance, grandparents): $50-300. A distant relative: $50-100.


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