Blox Fruits map: All locations and NPCs for the first, second & third seas (2024)

Blox Fruits lets you live out your ultimate sea-faring adventure by playing as a pirate or a marine. The game has three seas with lots of islands, and to get stronger, you need to visit each of them and level up by fighting enemies and finishing quests.

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Blox Fruits gameplay loop

Blox Fruits map: All locations and NPCs for the first, second & third seas (1)

Like many Roblox games, Blox Fruits character levels go into the thousands. Fortunately, leveling up is really fast, even without spending Robux. To level up, fight enemies on each island until you reach a high enough level, then jump into your ship, sail to the next island, and repeat the process. Here are all the islands and the level requirements for each one.You can also get some neat stuff by entering these codes.

Note: You will be able to visit all islands on the map, but if you are under-leveled, the enemies will destroy you. So, just keep grinding. Trust me, it sounds harder than it actually is.

Blox Fruits First Sea island locations and NPCs

Blox Fruits map: All locations and NPCs for the first, second & third seas (2)
Location and level requirementNPCs
Middle Town (Level 0 – 10)Boat Dealer, Luxury Boat Dealer, Blox Fruit Dealer, Weapon Dealer, Home Point, Santa Claws, Magic Elf, Experienced Captain, Robotmega
Marine Starter (Level 0 – 10)Luxury Boar Dealer, Advanced Marine Boat Dealer, Marine Boat Dealer, Blox Fruit Dealer, Sword Dealer, Pirate Recruiter, Home Point
Pirate Starter (Level 0 – 10)Boat Dealer, Luxury Boat Dealer, Bandit Quest Giver, Marine Recruiter, Home Point, Sword Dealer, Blox Fruit Dealer
Jungle Island (Level 15 – 30)Boat Dealer, Quest Giver, Cousin (Blox Fruit Gacha), Home point
Pirate Village (Level 30 – 60)Sword Dealer of the West, Rich Man, Home Point, Boat Dealer
Desert (Level 60 – 90)Boat Dealer, Hasan, Home Point
Frozen Village (Level 90 – 120)Sick Man, Dog House, Ability Teacher, Sword Dealer of the East
Marine Fortress (Level 120 – 150)Parlus, Advanced Weapon Dealer
Skylands (Level 150 – 190)Mad Scientist, Quest Giver, Home Point, Master Sword Dealer, Yoshi
Prison (Level 190 – 250)Home Point, Remove Blox Fruit, Military Detective, Boat Dealer
Colosseum (Level 250 – 300)Quest Giver, Boat Dealer, Home Point, Luxury Boat Dealer
Magma Village (Level 300 – 375)Home Point, Living Skeleton, Ability Teacher, Mayor
Underwater City (Level 375 – 450)Water Kung Fu Teacher
Upper Skylands (Level 450 – 625)Home Point
Fountain City (Level 625 – 700)Luxury Boat Dealer, Boat Dealer, Home Point, Freezeburg

Blox Fruits Second Sea island locations and NPCs

Blox Fruits map: All locations and NPCs for the first, second & third seas (3)

To get to the second sea, be level 700, and talk to the Military Detective in the Prison. Finish the quest, and go to the Experienced Captain in Middle Town. He will teleport you to the Second Sea.

Location and level requirementNPCs
Kingdom of Rose (Level 700 – 850)Legendary Sword Dealer, Aura Editor
Café (located in the Kingdom of Rose)Home point, Chess Board, Nerd, Tort, Cafe Manager, Customer, Title Specialist, Awakening Expert, Colors Specialist
Mansion (located in the Kingdom of Rose)Trevor
Usoap’s Island / Remote Island (located in the Kingdom of Rose)The Legendary Sword Dealer, The Strongest God
Green Zone (Level 875 – 950)Legendary Sword Dealer, Alchemist, Master of Aura
Graveyard (Level 950 – 1000)Rip_indra, Legendary Sword Dealer, Crew Captain
Snow Mountain (Level 1000 – 1100)Martial Arts Master
Hot and Cold (Level 1100 – 1250)Mysterious Scientist, Arithmetic, Master of Auras
Cursed Ship (Level 1250 – 1350)Guashiem, El Admin, El Rodolfo, El Perro, Exparimic,
Ice Castle (Level 1350 – 1400)Phoeyu The Reformed
Forgotten Island (Level 1350 – 1450)Daigrock The Sharkman

Blox Fruits Third Sea island locations and NPCs

Blox Fruits map: All locations and NPCs for the first, second & third seas (4)

To unlock the third sea, visit the Colosseum and talk to King Red Head. He will give you a quest to defeat rip_indra. To get this quest, you need to defeat Don Swan first. Once you defeat rip_indra, go to the Green Zone and talk to Mr. Captain to go to the third sea.

Location and level requirementNPCs
Port Town (Level 1500 – 1575)Box Fruit Dealer, Boat Dealer, Luxury Boat Dealer
Hydra Island (Level 1575 – 1700)No NPC (I actually, can’t believe it)
Great Tree (Level 1700 – 1800)Master of Auras, Crew Captain
Floating Turtle (Level 1800 – 1975)Citizen, Horned Man, Hungry Man, Previous Hero, The Master of Aura, Pirate Recruiter, Marine Recruiter
Mansion (near the Floating Turtle)Home Point, Blox Fruit Dealer, Blox Fruits Gacha, Tort, Colors Specialist, Bounty Expert, Nerd, Titles Specialist, Portal, Chess Board
Castle on the Sea (Level 1500+)Player Hunter, Elite Hunter, Tacomura, Luxury Boar Dealer, Boat Dealer, Blox Fruit Remover, Mysterious Scientist, Lunoven, Plokster, Butler, Erin, Aura Editor, Sabi, Martial Arts Master, Water Kung Fu Teacher, Mad Scientist, Phoeyu the Reformed, Dark Step Teacher, Daigrock The Sharkman
Haunted Castle (Level 1975 – 2075)Death King, Uzoth, Gravestone, Ghost, Weird Machine, Luxury Boat Dealer, Home Point,
Sea of Treats (Level 2075 – 2450)Luxury Boat Dealer, Boat Dealer, Home Point, Peanut, Ice Cream, Cake (two cakes, actually), Chocolate (also two of them), Candy Cane, Sick Scientist, Cake Scientist, drip_mama, Sweet Crafter
Tiki Outpost (2450+)Spy, Beast Hunter, Shark Hunter, Shafi, Dragon Talon Sage, Shipwright Teacher

Those are all the islands currently available in Blox Fruits. We will keep you updated as more islands are added. Have fun!

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Blox Fruits map: All locations and NPCs for the first, second & third seas (2024)


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