Blox Fruits levelling guide - here's how to level up quickly (2024)

The developers of Blox Fruits tried their best to make this game a content-rich place in Roblox. Frankly speaking, they did it well. The game can offer so many quests, which means you will never get bored in Blox Fruits.

However, if you want to enjoy this place, besides choosing the best fruits in the game, you need to level up your character. This way, you will have an opportunity to explore more and more locations and encounter enemies of equal strength. To find out how to level up your character as quickly as possible, read this guide. Below you will find ourBlox Fruits levelling guide plus handy tips and tricks.


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As with many places, Blox Fruit is no exception - the developers have provided players with Blox Fruit codes that give useful items. This is enough to start your pirate story and become the coolest and strongest player in the place. The list of codes can be found below:

  • Axiore – double XP for 20 minutes
  • Bluxxy - double XP for 20 minutes
  • Enyu_is_Pro - double XP for 20 minutes
  • Fudd10 - 1 Beli
  • fudd10_v2 - 2 Beli
  • JCWK - double XP for 20 minutes
  • KittGaming - double XP for 20 minutes
  • Magicbus - double XP for 20 minutes
  • Starcodeheo - double XP for 20 minutes
  • StrawHatMaine - double XP for 15 minutes
  • Sub2Daigrock - double XP for 15 minutes
  • Sub2Fer999 - double XP for 20 minutes
  • SUB2GAMERROBOT_EXP1 - double XP for 30 minutes
  • SUB2GAMERROBOT_RESET1 – free reset stats
  • Sub2OfficialNoobie - double XP for 20 minutes
  • Sub2UncleKizaru – free reset stats
  • TantaiGaming - double XP for 15 minutes
  • TheGreatAce - double XP for 20 minutes

Do not ignore the codes as they allow you to multiply your experience by several times. This means that you can level up your character faster and more effectively than usual.

Leveling tip #2 - COMPLETE QUESTS

It is no secret that in order to progress through the story and become a pirate king, you must complete quests of all kinds. It is therefore strongly advised not to take any quests higher than your current level. It is also worth mentioning that you cannot take several quests at once. You must first complete the first quest before you can take the second. Otherwise, your first quest will be canceled.


Blox Fruits is a place about pirates, and like any pirate, you need to travel from island to island. There are many islands along the map that you will visit as you progress. Each island has locations that have level requirements. Therefore, if you find yourself at a location called Colosseum (approximately 226-300 levels) for example, you will not be able to successfully complete quests if your level is lower than the above.

You can find a list of locations and their levels below.

The first sea

  • Starter Pirate Island: 0-10 Level
  • Starter Marine Island: 0-10 Level
  • Jungle: 15-30 Level
  • Pirate Village: 30-60 Level
  • Desert: 60-90 Level
  • Frozen Village: 90-120 Level
  • Middle Island: 100 Level
  • Marine Fortress: 120-150 Level
  • Skylands: 150-200 Level
  • Prison: 190-275 Level
  • Colosseum: 225-300 Level
  • Magma Village: 300 Level
  • Underwater City: 375-450 Level
  • Fountain City: 625-700 Level

The second sea

  • The Cafe: Safe zone
  • Usoap’s Island: 700 Level
  • Kingdom of Rose: 700-850 Level
  • Green Zone: 875-925 Level
  • Graveyard: 950-975 Level
  • Mansion: 1000 Level
  • Dark Arena: 1000 Level
  • Snow Mountain: 1000-1050 Level
  • Cursed Ship: 1000-1325 Level
  • Hot and Cold: 1100-1200 Level
  • Ice Castle: 1350-1400 Level
  • Forgotten Island: 1425-1475 Level

The third sea

  • Castle on the Sea: Safe zone
  • Port Town: 1500-1575 Level
  • Hydra Island: 1575-1675 Level
  • Great Tree: 1700-1750 Level
  • Floating Turtle: 1775-2000 Level
  • Haunted Castle: 1975-2075 Level
  • Sea of Treats: 2075-2275 Level


Blox Fruits levelling guide - here's how to level up quickly (2)

Stats points are a significant part of your character's levelling progression, as they can affect how fast you can take down enemies and how hard you can hit them.

A lot of beginners choose random stat points, but bear in mind that you have limited points and you should put them in Melee and Defence. It is suggested by many Blox Fruit players to put points in Blox fruit stat if you do not have Logia fruit. Moreover, there is a Gun stat, but guns in this place are not made for grinding. It can stun the enemy and is mainly used for PvP. You can use them to lure a bunch of enemies in one place and kill them easily, but there is no need to waste stat points in a Gun stat for that.

Leveling tip #5- SAVE MONEY

When you start a game, you may think that you have a lot of money. As time passes, your money will be inevitably spent. It is recommended to save money until you can afford Light, Magma, Ice, Dark, etc. The best option would be a Human Buddha. Choosing these fruits will make your grinding and levelling up faster and easier.


Blox Fruits is a fun place in Roblox where players from all over the world compete against each other to become pirate kings. To become the king, you have to go through a tough journey, passing through level after level. Also, while playing alone is okay, playing together with your friends is even more fun.

Thank you for reading our Blox Fruits levelling guide - hope you find it helpful! You can also take the Blox Fruits map of all locations - it's easier to get around if you keep it close.

Blox Fruits levelling guide - here's how to level up quickly (2024)


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