29 Best Galentine’s Day Ideas to Celebrate the Women in Your Life (2024)

It’s never too early to start dreaming up fabulous Galentine’s Day ideas. Traditional holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are all about spending time with family, but Galentine’s Day is just for the girls.

The Galentine’s Day meaning is about honoring your love for the soul sisters in your life, and it can be as simple as sending a sincere and heartfelt note or getting together for dinner. Or, you can go all out and host a Galentine’s Day party to celebrate and strengthen your female bonds.

So, what is a Galentine’s party supposed to include? It’s not necessarily just another girls' night out.

For some of us, our besties have been around far longer than our spouses and kids. They’ve seen us through the good and bad, our best and worst. They’ve celebrated our victories, dried our tears and even held our hair back after we’ve overindulged. These ladies deserve to be spoiled!

If you’re wondering, “how do I host Galentine’s Day?” we’ve got the answers. This list of Galentine’s Day ideas has the perfect something for every unicorn in your life.

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Creative Galentine’s Day Ideas

1. Paint and Sip

There’s never a bad time to suggest an evening of paint and sip with friends, and it’s perfect for Galentine’s Day craft ideas. Start by browsing paint and sip near you for a local venue.

Explore paint and sip in Chicago,paint and sip in Los Angeles orpaint and sip in Indianapolis and other cities, and enjoy a night of painting and wine with the gals!

2. Pottery Classes

Pottery classes are another fun Galentine’s Day idea, and most pottery studios are happy to let you bring along some snacks and bubbly. Roll up your sleeves for pottery classes in San Diego or tie on an apron for pottery classes in San Francisco.

You aren’t limited to making just bowls and vases. Classes might include an option to create coffee mugs, jewelry dishes, planters or candle holders.

Pottery instructors, like those who teach pottery classes in Boston and other citites, are adept at making sure everyone leaves with something they’ll love no matter their skill level.

3. Dance Classes

Have you ever had a fantasy that you and your work gal pals could whip out a super cool choreographed dance performance to surprise everyone at your next holiday work party? A fun Galentine’s Day idea is to put the plan in motion.

You’ll need a trained instructor to make it happen, so check out dance classes in the Bay Area or dance classes in Los Angeles to see if they can make your fantasy a reality.

Talented instructors, like those who offer dance classes in Las Vegas and other fun locales, are happy to customize something that will work for everyone. If you can’t find a studio near you, opt for online dance classes and learn in the privacy of your own home.

4. Girls' Getaway Planning Party

Girls' weekends are something we often talk about but rarely take time to actually plan. Your Galentine’s Day idea this year could be to have everyone come up with a destination idea and three highlights of why it’s a perfect girls' trip. Take a vote, then spend some time doing the research to make it a reality.

5. Take a Hike

Yes, it’s chilly in February in most parts of the country. So, what? Hiking when it’s cold out is actually more invigorating. Use an app like AllTrailsto locate a moderate or challenging hike nearby.

Start early, then follow it up with a long and lingering lunch somewhere that has a fireplace. Hikes are also romantic Valentine’s Day morning ideas and a great way to start the special day.

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6. Home Décor Swap

A fashion swap to trade clothes and accessories is a good idea if your gal pals are all roughly the same size. If not, try a home décor swap instead.

Have each guest bring one or two items from their own home that they want to swap out, plus one new item to give.

7. Comedy Show

Laughter is always the best medicine when it comes to girls' night ideas. It’s been a tough couple of years for everyone, so hitting a comedy club might be the perfect Galentine’s Day idea to break the spell.

8. Photo Shoot

What better way to celebrate each other than to memorialize the moment with photos? Hiring a quality photographer is easier than ever. Make sure to arrange coordinating colors for your outfits because this Galentine’s Day idea will feed your social media pages for days.


Foodie Galentine’s Day Ideas

9. Cooking Classes

If your BFFs are better at ordering takeout than preparing their own meals, cooking classes might be a great Galentine’s Day idea. To see how it works, explore cooking classes near you to see what kinds of dishes you can learn to prepare.

Texas gals can take advantage of cooking classes in Dallas or cooking classes in San Antonio, but don’t feel stuck to your own geography. There are plenty of online cooking classes available. Check out other cities, like cooking classes in Portland, for a wider variety of options.

10. Boozy Brunch

Your besties are going to love this day party idea for adults. Sleep late and then Uber to a fancy restaurant for a boozy brunch. Toast to your friendship, and then head home for a well-deserved nap. Is there any better Galentine’s Day idea than that?

11. High Tea

Almost every city has a hotel or tea room that offers high tea. Have the group get dressed up in their royal finest to nibble on petit fours and cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches.

Feather boas and tiaras are perfect Galentine’s day favors for a high tea.Everyone’s pinky will be in the air for this Galentine’s Day event.

12. Cupcake Social

Wondering what food is eaten on Galentine’s Day? Anything that makes you feel spoiled. You’ve heard of an ice cream social, but February is not ice cream weather for most people. A cupcake social is a better Galentine’s Day idea during cold months.

Bake a variety of flavored cupcakes (yes, you can use a box mix) and set up all the fun and festive toppings you can think of. Have some milk (or prosecco) on hand to wash it all down.

13. Fancy Dinner

Experience gifts are always the best choice when it comes to Galentine’s Day. When was the last time the group got dressed up for a night out? Find a classy restaurant, ideally one that offers a small private room where you can set up all your Galentine’s Day décor and just enjoy each other's company.

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14. Food Tours

If your group always goes to the same few restaurants for girls’ night out, why not sign up for a food tour and find some new ones? Food tours usually hit a couple of different spots, so it’s a Galentine’s idea that keeps things moving.

15. Cheese and Chocolate Fondue

Nobody wants the oily mess that was the fondue of the 1970s. But when it comes to Galentine’s Day ideas, everyone can get excited about cheese and chocolate. If you can find a restaurant like Melting Pot nearby, go for it. You can also DIY it at home, which gives you complete creative control.

Unique Galentine’s Day Ideas

16. Online Mixology or Wine Tasting

If you're not sure how to plan a Galentine party, try hosting online mixology classes or virtual wine tastings. It’s not only fun but informative and useful.

For mixology parties, select the group’s top two or three co*cktails and have everyone bring something from the supply list. Wine tastings are perfect gifts for wine lovers because it’s social and you always learn something new.

17. Taylor Swift Themed Party

If your gal pals are a group of Swifties, a fun and unique way to celebrate Galentine's Day is by hosting a Taylor Swift themed party! Whether you're celebrating singledom, friendship, romance or all of the above, there are tons of Taylor Swift references, puns and lyrics that are perfect for a cute Galentine's Day party.

18. 30-Minute Meal Recipe Swap

Another way to host a Galentine’s dinner party is a recipe swap. Everyone can use some new 30-minute weeknight meals for their rotation. Make your favorite for a potluck-style dinner and bring the recipe to share. This Galentine’s Day idea will get everyone inspired to get back in the kitchen.

19. Aerial Yoga

Celebrate the beauty of movement with this Galentine's Day gift idea. Find an aerial yoga class nearby and arrange for a private lesson for the girls. Aerial yoga is easier than it looks and leaves you feeling like you can accomplish anything.

20. Rent the Penthouse

Every girl can get excited about a night in a fancy hotel and an excuse to order room service. Penthouses in hotels are usually too expensive to splurge on, but when it comes to Galentine’s Day, is anything really off the table? And just think of the possible Galentine’s Day party names for that.

21. Fortune Teller

Girl gatherings can provide a circle of support for anyone going through hard times, but they’re also a good way to share dreams about what the future may hold.

Adding a tarot card reader or psychic to the mix is a fun and exciting Galentine’s Day idea for those who are ready to see what lies ahead. Ideally, get a local that can come in person. Otherwise, there are always fortune tellers online.

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22. Volunteer

Giving to someone else is the best gift you can give yourself, and it’s a great way to spend Galentine's Day. Forbes magazine identified some surprising benefits to volunteering, including that, “volunteering your love makes you feel more love.”

Volunteer opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, from helping with a Habitat for Humanity build to food pantries to animal shelters. You might even just decide to pitch in and do a home improvement project for an elderly person, or maybe even for someone in your own group.

23. Makeover Day

Do you need a Galentine’s Day idea that gives everyone a little refresh? Find a quality salon that does both hair and makeup, and book them out just for your group. No matter whether it’s a fresh cut or color, or just a new color palette, it will leave everyone feeling brand new.

Virtual Galentine’s Day Ideas

24. Fun and Games

Virtual game nights are perfect Galentine’s Day ideas, especially if it’s still too cold to go out. Everyone will have a blast with online trivia games or virtual scavenger hunts. If you want to have a real bonding event, try virtual escape rooms.

25. Flower Arranging

Looking for low-key Galentine’s Day ideas? Every girl loves fresh flowers, but buying those beautiful store-bought bouquets gets expensive. Time to give a gift that keeps on giving withvirtual flower arranging classes. Each guest can bring a selection of their favorite cuts and learn some simple tips and tricks for styling at home.

26. Virtual Dinner and a Movie

Do you need a Galentine’s Day idea for a group that can’t get together in person? Virtual dinner and a movie night are a step above a virtual happy hour. Share stories and catch up over virtual dinner, and then settle in for a classic group favorite.

Whether you binge reruns of Sex and the City or watch Pretty Woman for the thousandth time, you’ll enjoy doing it together!

DIY Galentine’s Day Ideas

27. Craft and DIY Classes

Creating something with your besties is a perfect way to make lasting memories, so craft and DIY classes are great Galentine’s Day ideas. Instead of the traditional pottery or painting class, try something outside the box.

Sewing classes where you can learn a skill like hemming your own pants or fixing that tear in your favorite sweater are not only fun but useful. Want to be handier around your own house? Try woodworking classes. If you really want to blow everyone away, see if you can find glass blowing classes nearby.

28. Roll Your Own Party

Making sushi at home isn’t as hard as you think and it’s actually a lot of fun. You can source sushi-grade raw tuna and salmon in most grocery stores, but you really don’t even need fish. For this Galentine’s Day idea, check out sushi-making online cooking classes.

29. Candle-Making Party

This Galentine’s Day idea is easy and fun, and there are dozens of ways to buy starter kits if you don’t have the supplies. Keep it simple with tealight candles or get fancy by adding fragrance oils and wooden wicks. Makesy is a great one-stop shop for candle supplies, and they can also hook you up with DIY body lotion, lipstick and soap kits.

29 Best Galentine’s Day Ideas to Celebrate the Women in Your Life (7)

You don’t have to have a party or even buy a gift to celebrate the special women in your life. If you just need a simple Galentine’s Day idea, take the time to send a card or just call and tell someone how much you appreciate them. The Galentine’s Day meaning is about nurturing the circle of support that you rely on for the rest of the year.

For even more fun gift ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!

29 Best Galentine’s Day Ideas to Celebrate the Women in Your Life (2024)


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